Homelessness is a symptom

KeepyourcoinsLiving on the streets in the UK is not an easy experience, I see first hand on a daily basis the trails and tribulations, the pain and sorrow that homeless people endure daily. Everyday can be such a chore, a drawn out process of eat, drink, rough sleep, repeat.

Over the years of having the pleasure of working with homeless people I’ve come to gain much knowledge and experience, however I am still shocked and appalled with the reality of sleeping rough, the lives I’ve seen wasted and distroyed, the lost potential and wasted endeavour.

Homelessness is in every case a symptom of something else, be that a substance misuse issues, a mental health problem, a gambling compulsion, relationship issue ,lifestyle choice or a twisted concoction of all of the above and more. The only way to cure homelessness is to address these symptoms, line up the ducks and pick them off one by one. Take aim, be motivated. Endure some more pain and come out of the tunnel of doom a changed person. Easy to say. In reality extremely difficult. I am greatly inspired by those that I’ve worked with who have achieved this. They are the source of our knowledge. If you’ve walked the walk you’re entitled to talk the talk, but in my opinion you’re entitled to shout it from the rooftops and let yourself be heard.


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