Is the Health Service Mental?

Mental Health services in Stockport have suffered funding cuts over the last few years, with more cuts likely to be in the post. Cutting these essential services is just plain mental.

This morning a man in his 30’s presented as homeless at The Wellspring, this is someone we have worked with in the past so we were aware of this mans history and the problems he has had in the past regarding his Mental Health. This man has been living on a secure Mental Health ward for the last 12 months but has recently been discharged. His reason for discharge is unclear to me as his mental health does not seem good.  In the last week he set fire to a bed on the secure ward, how on earth can someone be discharged to the streets from a secure Mental Health Ward days after setting fire to a bed in the hospital?

Other essential services have refused to work with this person as he is “Too High Risk”

Situations and cases like this are going to increase and more people are going to suffer as a direct result of the governments funding cuts. I really do not think or see that the government has done its homework. Cutting essential services saves money on the current spend to provide those services, however the financial cost and true impact further down the line has a greater cost. Its just plain mental…….

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