Bite the bullet.

Bite the bullet.

At times I feel flooded by ideas and often spend hours mulling these ideas over and over and over. A time will come when I feel I’m on to a good idea and I make that leap and actually put the idea in to practice. This over the years has led to the development of The Wellspring project, from a basic soup kitchen doing little but serving great meals into a front line homelessness centre providing 10,000+ positive outcomes a year, a place rife with support and services, a place that truly changes lives.  Lots of ideas along the way, some good, some bad.

It’s always better to have tried a new way of working and have it fail than not to try not try at all. Bad ideas and things that don’t work will always lead you down another path and on to fresh ideas. At times the paths can dry up, always surround yourself with other people, ask questions. Be inspired.

Engaging with homeless people and those at risk of homelessness can be very difficult. It can be frustrating and time consuming. Coming up with ways to make the engagement process easier is key to a productive way forward. Constantly coming up with different ideas is essential.

I’ve got 3 separate ideas that I’m currently mulling over that really excite me. They are the kind of ideas that are truly life changing and I feel that if I can get one or maybe two of these off the ground then they will fly! You can mull a good idea to death though so there always comes a tipping point when you either file it in the big book of bad ideas or you bite the bullet and see if it fly’s.

Good ideas always have risk, sometimes the bigger the idea, the bigger the risk. The thing is when you’re dealing with the lives of vulnerable people an idea that’s too big or not fine-tuned perfectly could very well be the undoing of someone and potentially could undo previous positive work and set the client 10 steps back or more damagingly is could totally disengage the client.

Got go, got some more mulling to do…..

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