The girl who cried wolf


Vulnerable people are often forced into situations that feed upon their vulnerability, they make poor lifestyle choices that often lead to them suffering abuse. Because of the poor choices that these people make, their vulnerability increases and they can end up in some very disturbing situations.

Recently a vulnerable young lady i know reasonably well brought this way of thinking home to me. I’ve know Jane for a few years and she is constantly involved in some kind of drama. She is also constantly involved with dubious older males. whom on the whole are not exactly quality boyfriend material. Jane however seems to be drawn towards these kind of men. when a young lady has been involved in so much drama and trauma in her life she becomes the untrusted. The unbelieved. The girl who cried wolf.  Jane in theory could claim that shes been raped but due to her past, her poor lifestyle choices, the people she associates with and the way she lives her life, even the most wet behind the ears barrister would rip her to shreds in any court and paint a picture of doubt and disbelief. She would not be believed.

How does Jane turn this around? what happens if Jane is sexually assaulted? what can she do to be believed?  how can services work better with people like Jane?

Does Janes vulnerability spiral out of all control? the way things are going shes fast becoming the proverbial sitting duck in the eyes of any abuser.


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