One Bad Apple.

Does one bad apple really spoil the bunch?

Yes in my experience is does. For many years I’ve built and developed the service that I manage, yes I’ve had lots of help and support along the way, at times lots of support and at others not so much! From day one with nothing more than a run-down shabby scout hut and a pad a pencil to today with one of the best homeless projects in the UK that is regularly winning national awards and recognition.  Putting up with bad apples is not something that sits well with me and not something that I will tolerate.

Bad apples come in many forms, they could be service users, members of staff, supporters, volunteers, or staff from other agencies. It could be anybody. One of the best things you can do is to get rid of your bad apples as quickly and as effectively as possible. Change is often seen as a bad thing. People often don’t like change especially when they are stuck. It’s like they are stuck in a big comfy sofa and would have no intention of moving out of it. How do you go about this then? It’s simple. Just set it on fire. They will soon move.

Sometimes very difficult decisions and choices have to be made. Don’t shy away from these. Be bold. Challenge the norm. Don’t keep calm, go change the world.

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