Illegal Highs

All New Psychoactive Substances are now illegal to be sold or produced in the UK. This is welcome news and a step in the right direction. However these drugs are going nowhere fast and they will continue to cause havoc to the lives of homeless and disadvantaged people.

Everyone has known for many months that The Psychoactive Substance Act (PSA) was coming, its given people time to stockpile these drugs. A strong case exists for the updating of the Misuse of drugs act. I would rather this had been done rather than introducing PSA. Why confuse people with terms like Psychoactive substances? it like they are making a point that these Illegal Highs are not drugs. All drugs should be treated the same with the same acts governing their use and production.

Drugs are going to evolve over time, they always have. These new drugs simply replicate the effects of traditional drugs. The chemicals involved in making them are synthetic, they are not natural substances as is the case with many class A, B and C drugs available on a shady street corner near you.  Nobody knows what the long term effects of using these synthetic substances are. As these drugs evolve and people begin to enhance their experimentation with them the risks and damage to peoples lives will increase.

All that the PSA has done so far has pushed the sale of these drugs underground.


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