Outreach services

Over the winter months The Wellspring staff team will be providing lots of Outreach services directly on to the streets of Stockport and Manchester. The aim of this work is to engage homeless people with support services.

On Sunday 4th December The Wellspring will host The Rucksack Project 2016. This encourages people to donate practical items that we can then give to people who are rough sleeping in order to make that experience a little easier.



Giving people essential items on the streets has many benefits. Not just to the people receiving the donations but to the staff team giving them out. They go a long way to helping to develop a relationship of trust and understanding. Once you have this with a person who is homeless who you are aiming to support off the streets half the job is done.

I’m looking forward to the winter, the rucksack project and continuing to develop The Wellspring. We can and will do more.



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