Spice things down a bit……

The use of the synthetic drug Spice is fast becoming a serious problem and is having a detrimental impact on the lives of homeless and disadvantaged people in Stockport and Manchester as well as lots of other parts of the UK. Spice is a New Psychoactive Substance that is a man made chemical version of Cannabis that is meant to replicate the effects of Cannabis. However this is certainly not the case Spice is far more addictive and damaging that Cannabis ever was. Over the last 18 months we have documented a huge rise in the number of people using Spice and other New Psychoactive Substances. It is extremely easy to overdose on these drugs as different bags contain different levels of potency and they are also being mixed with unknown chemicals all the time making hybrid drugs. One of the most concerning things about Spice is nobody has any idea about what the long term effects of using it is. If anyone is using Spice and wants to get some help to address this then please contact The Wellspring on 0161-477-6344 or come along to the project on Harvey St in the town centre any day of the year from 10am-2pm or Monday to Thursdays 5pm-8pm. We can put you in touch with many professional drug and alcohol treatment services as well as offering you support from our own Drug and Alcohol worker.

We have been deeply saddened this week by the tragic death of a gentleman who was actively seeking support from The Wellspring staff who unfortunately died in a fire and was sleeping rough in the back of his vehicle. The number of people sleeping rough on the streets of Stockport and Manchester is rising to levels that have not been seen for many years.

Please help The Wellspring and make a donation to the charity so we can provide more services to people in need in Stockport. Donate online at http://www.thewellspring.co.uk The Wellspring receives no council, government or lottery funding. The biggest fundraising event for The Wellspring is the Great Manchester 10k Run which takes place on Sunday 28th May. The Wellspring will provide you with free entry in to the event in return for fundraising for The Wellspring. We don’t set anyone a fundraising target. To take part please email your name and postal address to thewellspring@btconnect.com

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