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The working homeless

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Fears over Legal High Ban

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The Tonight show Generation Homeless April 2016

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Hidden and Homeless with Professor Green

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Wellspring / Stockport / Homelessness

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Homelessness in Stockport

Stockport Caves

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Legal highs 

Manchester Evening News :

Manchester Evening News Stockport van fire – The hidden homeless

Manchester Evening News Wellspring Collects 

Manchester Evening News Begging in Stockport

Manchester Evening News Hidden and Homeless 

Manchester Evening News, Wellspring appeal.

Manchester Evening News, Homeless numbers increasing.

Manchester Evening News, Homeless woman falls from cave 1

Manchester Evening News Woman falls from caves 2

Manchester Evening News Woman falls from caves 3

Manchester Evening News, homelessness rises

Manchester Evening News, Legal Highs

Manchester Evening News Homelessness figures

Manchester Evening News The Rucksack Project

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Homeless caves

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Out of site, out of mind.

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Homeless forced to live in caves

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Cavemen of Stockport

Homeless woman rescued

The Daily Star :

Homeless Stockport

Stockport caves

Tower FM :

Sleepwalking into homelessness


Begging ban in Stockport 


Stockport van fire

Please contact me with any media requirements regarding homelessness in Stockport or The Wellspring Charity.