The window of opportunity

Over the years I’ve met so many people who have been so entrenched with problems that they could not possibly contemplate possitive change. I’ve always thought of these people as bricked up windows, people who are going though the motions and plodding along with no real intent to do anything other than whatever it is they are doing that makes them entrenched in crime, drugs or alcohol. At The Wellspring these people are a minority but they still exist.

As workers we find ourselves waiting for a window of opportunity, waiting for the bricks to be smashed out. It’s crucially important that when someone with issues, no matter how challenging they are or what they have done in the past. That they get the best possible chance to change, when they become open to change. We must do absolutely everything possible to support and guide them when the window is open.

Ive seen this process in practice many times over and it’s always quite humbling and motivating. Observing that journey of change its almost like watching a new person coming in to the world, smashing the bricked up window to bits, empowering themselves, becoming a part of society and making a possitive contribution.

For K,  you know who you are…. Keep it up.

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